Weird avatar bug

In my game, when you spawn in sometimes your avatar looks weird. Your arms and legs look smaller than usual, any reason why this is happening?


I… can’t tell what’s up without more info. Unless this happened on an empty baseplate, this is probably a a script from a free model or a feature you programmed into your game.

EDIT: Are you using a custom rig? If you are, make sure that the sizes and joint offsets are correct. If you aren’t, reset your avatar’s scale in the website and make sure there isn’t code that modifies your avatar’s scale and joint offsets.


I’m using R15, but there’s a script that modifies the avatar scales. I wanted the avatars to look a little less wide, and a little more taller. Here’s the code for the avatar scaling:

EDIT: I know the code is very sloppy it’s from an old project, I’m planning on revamping the code soon, so it’s just a place holder for now.

I’m not getting the same results as you are. I tested the script myself and it works fine.

If you create a new game with only this script, does it work properly? If it does, then it’s probably another script that’s messing with your avatar.

EDIT: It may also be because the custom animations that you added to your characters are broken.

Well it doesn’t always happen. It happens every now and then but I just wanted to see if there’s anything I can do to fix it. So, you probably didn’t experience the bug yourself when you ran that script.

This has been happening to me in every game that uses R15.

It’s definitely an issue with R15. It started happening around the same time the spawn bugs started occuring (spawning sideways in midair).

Please provide more information. I’ve tested this in several R15 games with various scales on my avatar and not seen the described behavior. A simple place that reproduces the issue would be a great help in trying to isolate what the issue might be.

It’s happening in any game that I play.

It even happens in a blank baseplate.

From my understanding, it’s not a game-specific issue.

Glad to know it’s not something that’s in my game. Thank you for your help :D.