Weird backdoor in my game?

There’s this weird backdoor that keeps placing houses from LiveTopia in my game.

I don’t know which script is causing it and it has been bugging me for a long time now.
Any tips on how I could find the cause of this?

In studio, press CTRL + SHIFT + F, search for getfenv(), require, and eriuqer. These, I believe are the most popular backdoor implementations, if it’s not there, there are different keywords you can search. Let me know if you find anything with the following.

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Actually, there’s no need to search for that because you need to pair it with getfenv. If you wanted to cover every string combination, you would also need to cover cases like this:

local a = "e" local b =  "q" local c =  "r" local e = c..a..b .. "u"
local a = "i" local b = c local e = e..a..b.."e"

It’s easier to just tackle require and getfenv.

i recommend checking for loadstring aswell (require and getfenv are most likely to be the case tho)

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