Weird behavior with roblox animations published recently

For background i have a head turning script that turns the upper torso and head motor6ds to look in the direction of the camera while the legs stay planted.

done using this code

currWaist.C0 = CFnew(0, currWaistY,0) * CFang(0,-asin(dir.X)/waistXDamp,0) * CFang(asin(dir.Y)/waistYDamp,0,0)

The issue is that i have animations for the character when holding certain tools. And with some of those animations both arms are locked and dont turn vertically with the torso.

the arm is always pointed straight regardless of the torso.

I’ve tried many different solutions but i cant figure out what the issue is. However, some animations dont cause this effect and the arms rotate with the player. I’ve figured out that those animations are older. When i import and republish these animations without making any changes, the issue arises with that animation. I haven’t found a way to undo this though.

I’ve tried changing the priority
I’ve tried rotating the arm’s motor6d to match the torso

Something interesting is that the default roblox tool animation doesn’t do this.


this issue isn’t server sided. I’ve teseted and disabled everything and tried correcting serverside. No fixes

This has started happening to me with my FPS game around august 24th, when they made the C0/C1 properties of Motor6Ds affected by animations. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a fix for this other than removing the animation or setting the priority to Core.

Submit a bug report when possible, this is an annoying and unnecessary update.


any idea why setting it to core fixes it?

Because it doesn’t affect weight because the C0 is also core.

is there any way to make the c0 a higher priority?

No because of an update it prevented the priority from being set since it was done internally.

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were you able to find any work arounds?

Yes, by removing the animation for the track entirely. It wasn’t a really good solution but it’s the only one so far.