Weird border appearing after importing images

Hello devforum! :wave:
So recently, I’ve been making a spritesheet to import it to a game. However, when I imported it to roblox I noticed a small border on the bottom right side of the image. Here’s what I mean:

(the image has a white frame under it so the border is easier to spot)

I am sure the image isn’t the problem, because I’ve opened it in a image editor, added a white background and it was fine.

The border in roblox is set to 0 pixels and I haven’t added any UI strokes. It’s very strange that it only happens in that border… the image’s scaleType didn’t seem to change anything. I tested with another similar image and it happened too, is this a bug?

EDIT: Here’s the image file:

Any help is welcome! :grin:

have you put those images inside of Parent Frame? otherwise you should add a UIListLayout, or UIGridLayout.

It’s also happening when I parent it to another frame, and I don’t want to add any type of layouts…

then i should look at the imageFrame itself try ajusting the size of it, some UI might look fine although you are in a studio edit.
Or maybe look at the ImageFrame and look at their properties, to see if you have turned something on by accident.

Adjusting the size doesn’t work, I have also checked the properties that could interfere but it’s all normal?

Ajusting the size should be possible, if you could not ajust the size with your mouse, try ajusting it inside of the properties.

I meant that adjusting the size doesn’t remove the border, sorry.

i could not find an issue in anything, so i think this should be a problem from the image itself.

Thank you anyways, I’ve edited the post to contain the image i’m using as well.

Wait i know now, it is a Roblox feature to show what UI is seperate from the other.

I haven’t heard of it… So is there any way to remove it?

No, i have it myself too. the only way to fix it is by working on your UI a bit more. Such as recoloring the UI. As an example a light blue, just a color you’d like to use.

Edit: I do not recommend using a background on the image itself, you should keep the background transparent on the image, and just use a seperate frame to use as a background.
It makes the UI a bit more detailed if you want to.

it’s the selection border, your image looks fine and there’s no problems.

Hey, thanks for reading although I have already found a solution. Turns out that part of the image was transparent, I uploaded it again as a jpg (which doesn’t support transparency) and the issue was gone. It couldn’t be the selection because the issue was also happening in-game…