Weird Camera.CFrame behaviour

Was really confused when this happened, I thought this was an issue with the camera in my game and spent a lot of time trying to fix it. Hopefully it gets fixed as soon as possible, many games are nearly unplayable because of this.

Phew; was wondering what had completely broken camera stuff in my game! Hopefully this gets fixed soon :smiley:

i was scared when this happened

Does anyone have any coding work arounds until then? The weekend has begun so I’m guessing it probably won’t get fixed for at least another 2 days. I’m currently testing out using the tweenservice but the results aren’t optimal

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Hi all,

I am experiencing the same behaviour and many others too as I did a video tutorial on how to make a shop with this cam feature like OP.

Hopefully a fix is released soon.

Temporary fix is to use TweenService on the camera, see here: (Make sure cameratype is set to scriptable)

    local tween = game:GetService("TweenService"):Create(

    game.Workspace.CurrentCamera,, Enum.EasingStyle.Quad, Enum.EasingDirection.In,0,false,0), -- Change to your liking


    CFrame = "Put your cframe here as you would with interpolate",

    Focus = "Cframe of camera focus"






Absolute legend.

Too lazy to implement right now though haha.

I already use this create function of TweenService in my games yet I’m still having issues.

Yeah it is a bit hit and miss but worked for me, obviously a temporary “patch” until its fixed

same, been like this for days

Any ETA on when the Poppercam update? I rather not release my game with this bug so if it’s over a week, I’d like to know so I can find a workaround.


When will this be fixed? I rely heavily on camera interpolation for my game and the temporary fix that was posted did not fix the problem. If I have to delay the Halloween event I have planned because of this bug I’ll be very disappointed and upset.


Yes, me as well. My YouTube viewers are very confused and as I can’t update the videos now that they’re up, many are complaining of the Poppercam issues. I don’t want it to cause them becoming angry, disliking the video and saying it doesn’t work.

How long is it going to take?

My game is having a hard time as my guns are broken.

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I’m surprised this has been around for so long. My game isn’t the worst effected, but I still had to put in some hacky workarounds, but it is farcical that such a major bug has been active for so long. It is also effecting other games that I’m working on as well.
A lot of games are practically unplayable, and this is a huge problem. The bug has been around for 4 days now, and I understand that it’s been the weekend but there should at least have been a rollback.


Any updates on this issue? It is happening for me too and I don’t really know any temporary fixes.

I think part of the problem is that we now have too many threads independently discussing this same issue (at least 5 that I can see). Discussion of the fix is in the main thread for the PlayerScripts release here:

In a nutshell, fixing this is not as simple as just a rollback. Now that there are games relying on the existence of these scripts, we can’t simply turn off the feature without complete breaking all of these games, in more than just a camera glitch way (any game waiting for the new module would never load). The immediate solutions available to the developer are in the very first post of the thread linked above. You can:

  1. Install the old CameraScript (and all of its children) to StarterPlayerScripts and republish your game (the quickest fix).
  2. Download the Pre-release 3 set of new playerscripts, which has this Poppercam issue fixed, and use those until the fix is live (at which point you’ll want to remove the forked scripts in order to get any other bug fixes that are in the final release). The fix itself is not in PopperCam or PopperCam_Classic, but in CameraModule:Update() where PopperCam’s Update function is called from.

I’m going to keep the Prelease PlayerScripts links in that thread up to date as any other issues are found, so that developers have this option of getting the fixes early when their games are impacted.


This may be a dumb question but do you know where I can find a copy of the old CameraScript? Thanks!

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Just click that link in my post you replied to, they are attached at the end of the first post in the “New PlayerScripts are coming” thread :grinning:.


When this started happening, I started to get reports about falling through the floor and walking through walls as well as the cam problem. Could this have something to do with rthro or inner box collision? :thinking:

The fix for this issue, Poppercam_Classic popping and disrupting custom cameras when cameraType is Scriptable, is now live. If you installed the old CameraScript in your game just to address this issue, you should be able to remove it now.