Weird Character/Avatar Glitch

Good afternoon.

I’m currently working on a game and there’s an extremely weird glitch. Sometimes the character will become invisible if you rejoin, but the visible part of the character is under the map moving when the character does.

Thoughts? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Do you teleport the character anywhere when they join in? I was having a problem with my game where characters would turn invisible if I teleported them using the Position property of their HumanoidRootPart, but fixed it by instead teleporting them by the CFrame.

They aren’t automatically teleported. They’re only teleported if they use chat commands.

Is there a script that does anything to them when they join?

All I can think of is making staff doors disappear when they join if they’re of a certain rank.

I do not have the most experience regarding to this, but I may be able to help.

Potentional Answer #1

The bug may potentially have been caused by StarterCharacters.

You may have a StarterCharacter inside of StarterPlayer and you may have forgot to turn off LoadCharacterAppereance (game > StarterPlayer > LoadCharacterAppereance).

If you’ve reached this, turn it off.

This can be done manually by clicking the box, deactivating it.


Potentional Answer #2

If you’ve done this and it hasn’t worked, it is highly likely that a script is causing this malfunction.

I’d consider looking up the names of the occurrences of the body parts in Find All/Replace All and look at the scripts that show up.

If n’either of these work, my deepest apologies!

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