Weird clone when game starts..?

No, this is not a clone through a script or through admin. When you join a clone automatically is spawned in as an ACTUAL player in Players and has a attached character such as you. This is a playable character. Does ANYONE have any idea on how to fix this?

Have you inserted any free models with scripts in your game? If so then that may be what is causing this problem, the script creates a character and you didn’t notice it

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Not to my knowledge they have not, and it’s not just a character clone it’s an actual clone of everything, the character scripts, player object, character… EVERYTHING gets cloned. Happened after a shutdown of the game with no update

Fixed it, someone added a stupid character load check after the character loaded


Yeah I have had this issue before I had to find alternative.

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Figured, This wouldn’t normally happen unless you are checking if the character is loaded via a script, Had this issue aswell recently when I was making custom health.

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