Weird error in the output

I’am getting this weird error in the output, and I don’t understand what’s causing it:


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thats no error, thats info about where the error is occurring. I’m assuming this is in game and a published place so to view errors occurring during run time you can check the game page in dev hub.

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It was happening in studio, however the game is published, also it doesn’t give information about what the error is about/what’s causing it. The line that’s it happening is just calling itself self:setup() is what it’s’ calling.

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Try see if you get the error in the console/output if you try playing it in Roblox but not in studio

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It doens’t always happen, I tried again in studio and it didn’t happen

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Alright, I think it might be a studio bug that is why I am suggesting try to see if you get the error in the Roblox client

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Thats the stack trace, it seems weird that Roblox isn’t trimming the trace here? If Setup is calling itself multiple times, thats a stack overflow.

function Setup()
  return Setup() -- Stack overflow!!

If you want more info on stack overflows, this wikipedia page might help. Not showing the error itself isn’t very useful here for diagnosing for whats actually happening.

What I may suggest is wrapping your Setup function in a pcall, so you can capture the actual error without it spamming your console with the stack trace.