Weird Exploit / Spawning Parts

Hi, I am Zack.

I am writing about a large issue that has been disturbing all of my games. In my games, at random times, a large load of random gray parts spawn. It creates immense lag and basically ruins the game. This pile of parts continues expanding as more are spawned, and they all appear to spawn from one source. In an emergency response, I try deleting them with building tool, but more and more keep being generated. Here is what they look like: image


I have looked through all my scrips and ensured they do not have anything strange or any infections. What are some specific backdoors / commands I can search for to find the problem? I would also appreciate if somebody was able to privately review my scripts, as I do not want to post them all here. You may contact me on Discord at zack.#4717 if interested in reviewing.

Thank you so much!


In addition, all players are trusted members and high ranks of my group, so it is not an in-game exploiter.

Have you installed any plugins recently? They might have some backdoors/exploits

Most likely a free model has psuedo-virus in it that creates these, or a plugin

So its not an exploiter? A script is randomly spawning in all of these parts?

Is there anyone else in the game other than you?

Does this happen in studio too?

if you don’t seem to find the reason, you can always just delete them when they spawn using a script that checks when an instance loads then sees its properties, if it is exactly like that then it gets destroyed


No, I have not seen it happen in studio. Generally occurs a few minutes after a new server is formed.


Can you answer this question please?

Well, it is just me and a few others, but I know for a fact it isn’t them, because it happens every time no matter which of my High Ranks are in the game.

This could possibly be a HR that has edit permission (Anyone who has edit permission gets access to the server) trolling

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Does it happen when only you are in the game?

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No I have not. All plugins I have are popular and made by trusted creators.

Yes. I will double check and enter the game alone.

Try making a new place and copy and paste the contents. Does this occur?

Then it’s 100% either a backdoor or a script you’ve created (or one in a free model)

Have you searched for any script?

Just ctrl+shift+f in studio and type Instance


Also click ctrl (or command) + Shift + F and search for these following terms: