Weird forum bug

So if I click on anything related to the lounge it will show it is private like it is supposed to, but if I want to go back to latest or unread or anything else it will show it still private. It will only let me go back if I retype the devforum link.


If typing out the URL is a pain, which it would be for me, you can also press the “Developer” icon in the upper left to avoid the bug. Definitely an annoying bug though, hope it gets fixed.


You guys are missing the point. This isn’t about not having #lounge access, this is about the persistence of the “private” message after the user has navigated away from the restricted category.

That behavior is not on purpose. The OP is clearly aware that #lounge is only viewable by Regulars.

Please read before posting. Additionally, this looks like something better suited as a Discourse bug report.

I will repeat myself once again, that the fact that the category is only viewable to Regulars isn’t the issue. It’s the fact that the website still thinks you’re in #lounge after you’ve navigated away.

Let me see if I can quickly make a bug report on this…


That doesn’t work, thank you though

You should report this bug on the discourse bug category.