Weird Game I Made in 4 Hours!

So today I was bored, so I decided to make a game that was planned to take a few hours, which it did, which is called “Following Directions”. It’s a game about making things appear to be not as they seem, while also having signs telling you what to do to be able to finish the game.

Here is a video showing the game. I highly recommend you watch this because putting screenshots would be pretty hard because the game is more about actual gameplay instead of how it looks, hence me saying that the game is about making things appear to not be as they seem.

By the way, what happened at the end wasn’t supposed to happen lmao

Here are some screenshots I can put. (Watch the video first to understand)

For the part where you drop down and get flung, it was a wedge that I made fully transparent and duplicated multiple times to make it so you get flung when you touch it since your falling from high above.

The part where you it says to walk up to the sign are just invisible parts to make a ladder.

Lastly, the part where you drop to the end with the bounce is another invisible wedge that usually drops you to the block, but instead flung me which usually doesn’t happen.

Game link: Following Directions - Roblox

Fun fact: This topic took me half an hour to make.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


So I follow directions? Lol, cool game.


Also can you actually screen record the video instead making it as a donwload video file.

Like the game tho btw, lol

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Had to use Roblox recorder because something with my normal recorder didn’t work when I put it in the topic, and when I put in the Roblox Recorder file it made it a download video. Also thanks for liking the game!

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Try using Bandicam for the least, it might help tho

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upload the video file into

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Oh nice, it worked, thanks man!