Weird "gaps" between the polygons of the mesh

I’ve only been able to notice this bug on my own in-game character. It basically looks as if there were tiny gaps between the polygons of my character’s meshes, and that’s probably unwanted.

It happens in every game I join, with R15 appearances. It kinda looks like it’s caused by Floating Point inaccuracies, but I’m unable to check that. Guided by the fact that I see it in every game, I wouldn’t think Floating Point is the cause.

I don’t think my graphics card has anything to do with this, but here it is:

AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

I can’t tell when it started happening, I just noticed it today.
It’s mostly visible on the edges of the mesh. When the camera is scrolled out (just like on the gif), the gaps seem to be more disturbing.

It appears to be the meshes themselves. Also have you checked the character while using higher graphics quality levels?

I can see those little, little gaps, which appears to be floating point errors during rendering, yes?

Ah, yes. I forgot to mention quality levels.
What’s interesting is that this issue appears only on quality levels 9 & 10. It does not appear on lower levels.
On the gif above, my quality level is set to 9.

I also wrote that this issue appears on R6 appearances too. I have no idea what made me write that, but I checked again and saw no issues with R6.