Weird glitch in scripting

As a usual event would be : it is instead popping up whenever i do .


this is happening for remotes and events

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To add on, whenever i do : it is not popping up with anything

to explain it more, lets say i have a part referenced

instead of :
it is popping up with “.”
and nothing appears with :

Just write it normally and it should work. If not, restart studio.

Yeah it does, it just gets confusing at times, and was wondering if there was a fix

It’s not a glitch, roblox might not know the full context of the instance you’re referencing
each instance you reference has their own seperate built in functions, properties, etc. and if roblox can’t tell what instance you’re referencing, it won’t autofill those options for you. plr.IsInGroup() is written correctly as far as I know, but i’m not sure why it’s in a variable called “mouse”

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I was doing it to try and show what was happening, but snipping tool made the dropdown disappear

I fixed it, i had to restart studio twice, ig it got bugged out from being left on all night long

Also dont forget that you need to do plr:GetMouse() and not .GetMouse()