Weird GUI Rendering with Frames - Invisible/Stretched

I’ve been getting this weird GUI issue for a couple of months now. My GUI frames will randomly become invisible or stretched when the camera is pointed in a specific spot and specific direction.

Is there something I can do to fix this? Should I not be using the background color on frames in the first place?

Is there anything special in your Frames? How are they created (In studio, or by a script)? What are the frames children of (A screenGui?).

Here’s an example of one of them that has this problem


Have you tried copy/pasting those Gui’s into a different place and seeing if the problem persists?

It would be very hard to test that. The issue doesn’t happen throughout the entire game. It’s only in specific spots when the camera is pointed in specific places. It’s pretty rare.

Is there a way that a part could somehow be causing this? There are no surfacegui, billboardgui, or decals in line of the camera.

It looked like there was a ProximityPrompt in view when the glitch occured, see if it happens again if the ProximityPrompt is removed?

I tried destroying all proximityprompts in the entire game and it did not resolve the issue.

I don’t know what the problem could be then. Perhaps it has to do with distance from the origin. If that place the player was standing is thousands of studs from the origin, that could be the problem. The Roblox Engine doesn’t like long distances and often starts to act funky.

Is there anyone else who works on the game? Do they also experience the issue?