Weird Indexing Error

Hello, i’ve made a script which requires a part that is made by the server when the player joins.
The player has network ownership over this part, but when i try using that part anywhere in my code, it just doesnt do so? its not yielding im pretty sure because i tried every method i know of indexing an instance, FindFirstChild, WaitForChild and of course just directly indexing it

The weird thing about this is that it doesnt tell me any errors, when i try printing the part for example, it just doesnt do it. But when i specifically change the part’s location from the client, it prints out this as an information message

Stack Begin
Script '[script location]', Line 31
Stack End

Can you show the code please ? so we can help
You probably can index them by using “ChildAdded” on where your parts are stored when they’re created or maybe “PlayerAdded” followed by “WaitForChild” player part.

Same thing is happening
Also the script uses the part to send some information to the server with no delay, because remote events are a bit slow and i need it to be as fast as possible

Solved it, apparently i was trying to set the Position.Y when i had to set the Position instead

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