Weird Internet Issue

Im currently working on a code that generates trees.

After 15-35 mins playing my game from roblox an error shows up.

I dont know what the heck is happenning, I dont know if meshes are related with internet issues.
Help will be appreciated.

Error says:

Check your internet connection and try again

Error code:277

The weird thing is that, if I disable tree generation everything seems to work just fine

translate pls. most people here speak english

Error says:

Check your internet connection and try again

Error code:277

usally it is just bad internet BUT sometimes it’s because roblox is down. on thursday (based on time in christchurch , new zealand) roblox was down. if it was on that day,then it is because of roblox. if it’s not,then it is just bad internet.

I dont know if it is bad internet because disabling tree generation fixes everything.

This error has been occuring since APRIL

every tree has 5,18 parts and I am generating around 400 trees so if the every tree has the maxparts then I would be creating about 7200 parts.

However another code also generates minerals and even if I disable minerals the error shows up.

It seems like only minerals can generate

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277 | 5 Ways To Fix It.

Roblox error code 277 happens when your device disconnects from the game server. Although this error is relatively new, it seems the Roblox developers are not in a rush to fix it.
that is what says


If your game is large and has over 4500 parts, you might get a problem, since the limit is about 3000 parts.

The game client in this scenario might freeze when messages in the resend queue number 35 or more. Excessive assets can result in connection problems.

If this sounds like what you are experiencing, restart or refresh Roblox, and clear out the cache files.

also from that website

however more minerals than trees are generated and every mineral has 15-25 parts each

No, no. Don’t just tell him this, there is many other reasons why it could’ve done that. It’s been happening to me aswell…

Unfortunately, @Super_pro322222 I don’t think there is currently a way to fix this other than uninstalling and reinstalling the roblox app.

Best of luck!

Ill give it a try and Ill update this ty

It didn’t work

I noticed another thing,

Seconds after the error shows up, it kind of crashes and I dont know why this is happening

Apparently It was the part count, I just changed my rendering system to make things instead being parented to replicatedstorage being parented to nil.

It works fine.