Weird lines at the top of mesh

Hey guys, so I made a bush texture in Krita, and modeled it in Blender.

I imported it to Roblox and I get these strange lines at the top of my mesh (They are not in the actual texture) If anyone has any idea on what might be causing these weird artifacts/visual bugs please let me know. I tried searching for it on the forum already, didn’t see the answer.

(Side note, I have surface appearance on the mesh in the video, but also tested it as a normal texture and it still happens)

Maybe there’s vertices that aren’t connected to the mesh? Try selecting the entire mesh and going to Mesh > Clean Up > Delete Loose and see if anything changes with that.

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Thank you for replying! So i ended up just remodeling it and reshaping the planes in blender, and it fixed the weird lines at the top. I don’t know why it does it still but this method worked for now.

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