Weird lines happening on every part on mobile

Why is this happening on mobile?

There’s weird lines everywhere


In one game, or in all games?
They almost look like shadows.

its only happening in this game but only on mobile and btw this is my game


Can you do me a favor. Can you provide a video of you playing it on mobile, but also on PC if possible.

This could be something within your lightning settings and if it is, I will be able to help you with that. :slight_smile:

Also if I could have a link as I would like to test it on my phone as well.

Kind Regards


Did you put a texture over another blank block? you might be experiencing Z fighting. this could easily be fixed by changing the ‘Z’ property by 0.2

oh sorry, its been 3 days, uhh so for you to test the game you would need to send a friend request to my other account, Officialhoodcat, cause the game is set to friends only, then the game is called Outbreak, btw its not the official name

Oh, no that’s not the issue there’s no parts inside each other