Weird lines when merging VoxelGrids. AKA: How to merge VoxelGrids

So i tried to make a client-sided, server-replicated, terrain generation thing.
Works fast, and somewhat flawlessly. But there are theese line in the ground.

Replication and generation scripts are fine. But when writing voxels theese lines apear. (guessing because the borders of chunks are generated seperately, and the edges of terrains are beveled)

Can i somehow “overgenerate” theese chunks to flow into each other?
Can you merge voxels? (because over-extending it just made the line bigger, because there was air in there, so the terrain got overwritten)
Is there an option to ignore air?

Sorry for so many questions, my brain thinks with multiple threads. :sweat_smile:

Do voxels have an integer size limit? If not instead of making voxel size “8” (for example) make them “8.1” or something like that. It might be just enough that it won’t extend the voxel into the next 4x4x4 area, but enough that Roblox will see the joint of the 2 voxels involved as joined.

I’m just thinking out loud, my idea might be complete garbage :slight_smile:

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Blame timezones but i just woke up. At 0:36
I’ll try it tomorrow. Sounds plausable, and i did over-extend it to make sure the entire chunk was in it, so that could be a problem.