Weird mesh color bug

Hi, there. While coloring my meshes that i imported from blender, I began to color it, now when i finished coloring the mesh when i was hovering over or near the mesh for some reason it was going to the default color instead of the red color i assigned. The mesh does not have anything in it.

for some reason, the bug only happens with those meshes and not any other meshes i have in the map. It also only happens in this specific game: (the link is included in the staff-only content.)

(What i mean by default color is the gray color it comes with when i import it from blender)

Visual Representation for better understanding:

(I could not upload the video here for some reason).

  • Beta Features: I have all beta features enabled.

  • System information:

  1. CPU: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz
  2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
    Installed RAM 16.0 GB
    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Expected behavior

If everything was working correctly then, when i hover over the mesh it would not change color to it’s default color. What i mean by default color is the gray color it comes with when i import it from blender

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Hi @SWEAD15,

I am unable to view your video or reproduce the issue. Is it still happening?

The immediate thing that comes to mind is that your mesh might have vertex coloring. Vertex colors added in Blender are kept when the mesh is imported to Roblox. You may want to verify this in Blender.



Hello, there. I just fixed this bug It was just the same model duplicated in a different color. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time who worked on this bug.

No worries! Glad you figured it out.

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