Weird movements with the crouch animations

Hello, I am making a FPS game, and I came across this weird odd movement when I press C (crouch). I am using the Fe gun kit by bluric_64bit (Newly edited version), and there is this Animation inside a Localscript(It is named “StancesScript”) in StarterPlayerScripts. I get flung aross the map, with this fall animation playing and It is as if my hip is welded with the map.

Video clip of the error:
robloxapp-20220214-2256434.wmv (2.2 MB) (Excuse me, if I recorded it bad, I didn’t have time to edit)

Any help would really be appreciated!


Its happening because >

The animation is making you go DOWN [ being stuck in the floor ]


its because you are using R15.

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I am using R15, and FINALLY someone replied lol

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So… meaning the crouch anim is in R6?

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Lol, I’m using R6 and fe gun kit too, it doesn’t glitches for me. Probably beacuse of R6

Nope, FE gun kit devs might made it R6 AND R15. Else you have to make your own


No no, I am actually using a R15 gun kit, and thanks to you. I have some clarity!

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Ok, try to make your own crouch animation. I made my own too. [The animation Instance might be in startercharacterscripts where are the Stances so you’ll just insert the ID]

Ye ye, but TYVM for your help, have a great day!

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Np, [Btw make the crouch anim Looped and Priority must be Idle]

Ok, thanks once again! I will try to make my own.