Weird part clipping

How do I fix this? I tried to union and change size by .001 but it still doesn’t look completely normal.

Max Graphics Quality

Lowest Graphics Quality

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If you’re talking about the corners sticking out on the edges, then I recommend using a plug-in called archimedes, which is good for making curves in studio. If you’re talking about being able to see parts inside of the other parts, the only way to fix it is to make it all one mesh in blender or other modeling software

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Try unioning the parts, it should remove this effect.

Transparency is weird when used on Roblox.

Pretty sure it’s because they aren’t aligned properly. Even if they are out by only .0001 studs the edge will stick out of the Union and cause this.

Make all the curved Parts .2 studs thicker before Unioning them, then sandwich two large negated Parts on the top and bottom, move them into the surface .1 studs, and Union the curve with the negated Parts.
This should get rid of the overlap that shows up with the slightly Transparent Part.