Weird part shadow rendering behavior for future lighting

I have noticed this around 11:50PM EST that there’s a weird shadow behavior for the future lighting technology where parts will override each other’s shadows. What I mean by this is that parts will ignore existing shadows cast by other parts and will create unwanted slip ups of light.

Here’s some examples:

This is the result of a part behind the wall casting a shadow on one of the walls of the roofed room:

How to reproduce:

  • Place Part 1 of any size that is big enough to cast a shadow
  • Place Part 2 close enough to it in a way that Part 2 casts a shadow on Part 1
  • Look at the shadow Part 1 is casting

I have also made a repro place where I show some of the shadow issues that I have faced so far:
shadowbugrepro.rbxl (25.5 KB)


I reproduced this and I can confirm that this really happens. I hope roblox sees this.


I think this has been happening since ShadowMap came out.

It hasn’t. Been building with shadow map for a while and I never noticed it until recently.

there seems to be alot of issues with rendering

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.