Weird require() being made in new scripts

I know this is probably a backdoor, but it seems to be made automatically in new scripts I make.

I dont think its any of my plugins

note I am working on my friends game, and he does like to use free models to build.

but I dont think any script like that can modify studio

It’s a plug-in, either yours or his. Does it happen when you’re in studio by yourself? If so, it’s one of yours. You’ll need to test them one by one and see which one causes the issue.

yeah it doesnt seem to happen for me, so it’s probably him

Hey! Well I tried searching for that model and I found that it is deleted. Right now I don’t think you need to worry about getting hacked or something and also note that there are few scripts that can modify studio as far as I know right now. After Roblox deleting hacked and infected models I don’t think these scripts can be easily found in toolbox right now.

Maybe your friend used any dodgy YT video’s model or scripts, ask him about this, also if the game was made before 2021 I am sure he inserted those models.

Make sure to check for any infected and weird named things in the games, always check free models before using them and if the game has any fire particles that you both don’t remember adding then I highly recommend deleting them and in future in case you find some unusual things in the game then if possible try switching the start place so there won’t be chances of other things in the game getting infected.

For now it doesn’t seem too big of an issue to me so relax.

models or scripts cannot modify the source of scripts, only plugins can. and still, its not a good look.

Well, time to cull your plugins. Delete them all, and then reinstall them. When it starts doing it again, you know which plugin it is.

Well in that case you can try checking your and your friend’s plugin and I recommend deleting every plugin that you don’t use or don’t remember installing.

yeah I dont think its my plugins, I only have two currently. and the issue doesnt happen when i make scripts. so it’s def my friend, i’ll tell him to remove all his plugins