Weird roblox studio mouse glitch

So, i have started a new project. In studio and in playtest whenever i try to look up
or to the sides. This happens
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Studio: Roblox studio bug - YouTube

Playtest: Roblox studio bug 2 - YouTube

I have tried reinstalling roblox studio, changing my sensitivity, changing scaling to 100, removing all scripts which could potentially glitch the camera, restarted my computer…


Go into Workspace, then click on the Camera. Can you screen shot the properties of the Camera and send it?

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Set the CameraType to Fixed and see what that does.

sadly still the same result :confused:

does it happen in every single game of yours?

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Have you reset your Studio Settings? (I know you said you reinstalled, but maybe they some how saved?)

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This only happens in Studio. So basically only in playtest and editing

The only reason I could think this would happen if you were at a position of negative like -10000 -10000 -10000

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I havent moved the player from the starting baseplate, The player spawned on the roblox template preset

I’d suggest to reach out to for this.

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Will do. Thanks!

yep still nothing