Weird script, might be a backdoor/exploit gui/virus (Is my pc infected?)

So around half an hour ago, I had the great idea of looking in the toolbox for some gears (specifically the broken ones) and I wanted to try and fix them and get them to their old functionality again.

You might know about LoadLibrary which was this collection of three modules and you used to be able to access by calling a function. That got removed ages ago, so I wanted to see if there were any LoadLibrary models for free in the toolbox (made sure to only show age-verified creators) and I came across one that looked good, so I inserted it. I opened the module and there was this super long script probably like 2000 lines long, and parented to that there were probably 1000 remote event objects. Reading the code, it looks like some kind of exploit. (I’ll include a link if you want to read to help me find out what the heck this actually is.

I deleted the model right after reading it. Also: is inserting this going to infect my pc? Kinda worried because it kinda seems like a backdoor/exploit thing.

Thanks guys(and thanks for reading my idiotic questions)

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Free models can’t give you viruses to your computer
What Lua viruses mainly do is just unanchor everything, teleport you to another place or prompt gamepasses or purchasable items

You can read more on LoadLibrary deprecation here

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Could you give us the model link?

Either a link or a rbxm file because we can’t just immediately know because it has 2k lines of code and remotes.

Other than that, it can’t directly infect your computer.
It’s completely harmless to your game until it runs in the server.

No damage caused could be permanent except possibly data like maybe having saved Cash being hacked.

Here’s the link.
Inserted even though it says “outdated” because loadlibrary is old. Also never ran the game with the model, just deleted after looking and thats that.

Looks like it was an abandoned SS(Server Side) in the making.
So what you found wasn’t exactly a backdoor but a source to the backdoor it would try to load.

Yeah, now that I pause for a moment and actually think about the name “LoadLibrary” it’s exactly what this script would do - load a library - a very malicious one… Thanks for taking a look, I’m pretty decent at client to server scripting and remotes and bindables so I’m not sure what made me so worried. I’ll mark what you said as the solution.

Thanks, I know LoadLibrary is a real thing just need to grab a copy from a legitimate source lol.

It can’t. Game is a bedrock. Game is the game itself, then services and instances, you can’t even do game.Parent to reach your machine. It’s impossible to get a virus.