Weird Server Physics

Sometimes in my filtering enabled horse game the BodyGyro decides to fail like this:

There are no errors in the code and I don’t understand what’s causing it.

The physics are handled server side.

They also have a weird rendering bug like so:

Often the horses will render inside the ground or in the air however their server position will remain unchanged.

The characters are fastened to the saddle with a weld it’s not actually a seat.

Why is that? You’re probably going to get more intuitive results if you let each player handle the physics of their own horse.

I originally did this because when ran on mobile the horses would move really slowly, I should probably change it around and see if it works with the new physics solver…

However, having the horse physics on the server only allows me to stop the horses going into certain areas where the player’s can.

Skyrim, my old friend, we meet again!


I left that in as a feature as it’s kinda fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I need your horses for Dragonlore. :stuck_out_tongue: Although, you really should be simulating them clientside!