Weird shadow edges, but only on one place

Hi. I just wanted to ask how this works exactly:
You see, i have a starter place that has smooth shadows:
(quick demo)
But on my other place:

Same lighting technology, same settings, different shadow details.
Why, How, Help, Please?

Ask for information and i’ll provide. Just help. Thanks.

Can you double check ShadowSoftness is the same in both?

SadowSoftness is 0 on both.
That’s what i checked first, but doesn’t seem to effect lights.

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Check the properties of the part that has the weird shadow. Check if it has shadows on. If this doesn’t work maybe try to look for anything interfering with the shadow, such as a misplaced part.

(I’m not fully sure what is in the picture, so sorry if this isn’t help)


New place fixes all issues. Why? idk.

I fixed it. Replace every light. Oh this will take some brain power to replace.
Edit: The sun shadows do this too but i can fix that. A resolution slider would be nice.