Weird Shadow Issue?

Also just to be certain, this is the shadow we are talking about right?
(it’s hard to notice in the image, but if you zoom into my character you can see the ring of shadow around my torso/legs)

That might be true, however I inserted a mesh in my game and it still looks like its having some “shadow” problems. HOWEVER they don’t seem as bad! to see for your self:

No I mean the ones that move and kinda look like circles, don’t know how to explain it.

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I believe I’ve found the issue. Try setting Brightness to zero, and setting Ambient to (255, 255, 255)


sorry for the late response, some stuff got me busy. Have you tested this out? I would but my roblox studio has to update “for the second time today” anyways when it updates i’ll test it when my studio updates!

Doing what I did gets rid of all the shadows from the walls, but also the Player’s shadow.

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I think it fixed it! the parts still have the shadows but the mesh does not! i updated the game so you can see!

This has helped me allot! Thank you :upside_down_face:

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