Weird Sound Errors

Can someone tell me what those errors mean?



The file you’ve been trying to use are an invalid file format, this means that the file is not a supported “.[File Type]” file. Here’s a list of supported formats:

Supported Format Files

  • .ogg
  • .mp3

It can also mean that the file also didn’t load.

For help in creating audio, please click here:

Weird, it popped up today, it worked before…

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Doesn’t sound like the issue. They wouldn’t have been able to be uploaded to the site in the first place, or have worked previously, if they were the wrong format.


Getting the same issue with a Roblox-uploaded audio I’ve been using in my game for quite some time now. Ever since earlier today, I’ve been getting the same “unsupported file format” errors in the output for this audio:

Tried looking for an alternate upload of the same audio (since there usually is), found one, and that doesn’t work either. (Link to alternate upload:

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Sounds like a bug then. Please file a bug report.

Whenever I try to use Roblox-Uploaded APM music. I get the error.

Post a bug report.