Weird thing with smoke particle emitter, its different from studio when ingame

When I’m playing studio game, the smoke emitter is thick and hard to see through which is good, how ever, in the real in game, the smoke is actually not thick and easy to see through. This ruins my smoke grenade. If there is an alternative to smoke particle from ROBLOX, please reply with the information.

Real in game:

Studio in game:

You cant see anything through the smoke because that’s what I want but in the real in game you can which I don’t want

Try changing your graphics while using the roblox studio player.

At high graphics there will be way more particles compared to low graphics.

Oh, I had it at the highest level, how do i make this the same as high graphics in lower graphics?

I don’t think you can. You can try to adapt that smoke, make it way less transparent to the point of not being so thick with high graphics, however if a player sets their graphics to their lowest they could have some advantage/disadvantage (depending on what you are using it for).

Is there an alternative to smoke?

Normal particle emitters. More costumisable and probably performant, but they have some dependency on the client graphics too (amount of particles).