Weird tool behaviour

Hi, I’m having an issue with tools not working as they should.

I’m probably not seeing the error in the code, and it’s probably screaming at me but I’d appreciate some assistance. :slight_smile:

Below is an image of prints and the tools I’ve received.

In the slot with the tool name as " " (slot 2), there should be a Juice Cup. In the third one, it’s the smoothie cup so that’s fine.

However, whenever I blend a smoothie when I have a juice cup in my inventory it changes the name to " ", which is weird.

When I blend a juice, it detects the juice cup in the inventory (as you have to have a juice cup in the inventory to blend) but it doesn’t change the name to the correct name, yet to " " again.

This only occurs with juices & juice cups, which is weird as it isn’t happening to smoothies or the smoothie cups.

The relevant script is below:

— script removed due to issue fixed —

As you can see, the prints that are being outputted are in the script for debugging purposes. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: And yes, I’ve tried changing the if statements to if and elseif (with “end’s” in the right place) but similar behaviour was still present.

EDIT AGAIN: Thanks to @Dandystan, I’ve fixed the issue. I messed up the or statement, I forgot I had to use or SmoothieName.Text == for each “option”, woops :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile: