Weird Transparency Tween Animation

Not sure if this is in the correct category, I have noticed this really weird transparency and how unsmooth it is, is there a way I can make this look better?

(ignore the face decal lol.)

My code:

		for i,v in pairs (Stand:GetChildren()) do
			if v:IsA("MeshPart") or v:IsA("UnionOperation") or v:IsA("Part") then
				local goal = {}
				goal.Transparency = 1
				local tweenInfo =
	            .65, -- Time
				local tween = TweenService:Create(v, tweenInfo, goal)

The face decal says: I see you in your sleep.
Anyways, do you mean the transparency thing when it goes in, or out?
I can’t really tell.
But it might be because of the

Because, that’s a lot of parts, and they all go differently in nano-seconds or even higher.
But, that’s not the case really.
I can’t really pin-point the exact “Weird Transparency Tween Animation” issue you have here. Do you mind go a bit in-depth about it?

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this lol

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Since your doing all parts, that’s pretty normal.
Your not specifically making a tween for that, so.
You could have specific tweens for some parts or “groups”.
Maybe change the time a bit higher or lower, seeing if it could match with the original tween for the body.
For the “abs”, I don’t have any explanation for that except for the transparency.