Weird UI bug with frames not showing when joining

I am having a issue when testing a game that I am working on. When a player joins a script is creating frames for the hints every letter is one frame. Now the thins is on desktop it sometimes doesn’t show the frames, while the frames do still exist and are visible with the console, it just doesn’t show up for the player. Now if I resize the game then the hints(frames) popup and show up.

I have also a short video that shows what I am talking about. There are a few things that I know might work but I am still looking for more and better options.

The first thing that I want to try is to update the UI by 1 px and rescaling it back so that Roblox is updating.
The second thing that I can try is to use a list layout instead of a grid layout.

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updating the gridlayout by 1px and back seems to fix it, but is there no better solution for this?
also list layout has the same problem.

Could you please show the script (or just the particular code) that creates the frames? And are you using a LocalScript or a Server Script?

I am using a local script, Not sure if the scripts are causing the issue, because I can log the frames and, in the console, and they exist in there. Also when I play the game in studio and check the playersgui, then the frames are there and if I select one of them then they get rendered in.