Weird Weapons Simulator

Hi, so i’m working on this game called weird weapons simulator and I need some feedback on my weird weapons.
I would appreciate some good feedback! thanks!

Here is one of the weapons, please give me some feedback.

giant metal ruler.
I made this in Blender.


That’s pretty good.

The detail is pretty nice, although I suggest:

  • Changing the texture of the ruler - It looks like wood rather than metal.
  • Make the lines on the ruler smaller and thinner - It looks to large and some of the lines reach to the end of the ruler.

That’s because the patterns of the ruler is already a texture from the internet.

the texture looks kinda blurry and low detail, maybe you should find another texture or make your own

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yeah, thanks, I’ll definitely change the texture.
and here is another weapon.
giant light post
it’s called the Giant Light Post.
i also made it in blender.
tell me if I could add some improvements.

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If you aren’t 100% going for realism, it looks great. Goofy meshing can make some games great depending on what style you’re going for. Although, if you are going for realism to alteast semi-realism, i’d suggest using a different texture.

Are you talking about the light post or the ruler?
And yes, I’m not going 100% for realism.

so I kinda changed the texture of the metal ruler and this is how it looks like now :smiley:

it now has a metal texture.

I’m talking about the ruler, the original picture.

Also, is this game supposed to have a meme-style feel kind of like [🔪] item asylum - Roblox ?

I think it would be more like a simulator.
because it has simulator in the title.

Oh, okay
I think the new texture you chose looks a lot nicer, good luck!

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once I’m done with the game, I’ll send the link.