Welcome Miracle Inc


Miracle Inc


  1. Miracle Inc is a new group that is welcoming everyone.
  2. Miracle Inc is currently looking for developers, experienced or not, if you are interested in joining me in this adventure, you can contact me anytime.
  3. Currently I have a place in construction called “Inc Island” it’s the important place of the group, the main land.

About the group, It’s currently a non-aligned group, base of the idea of a creative group. So Miracle Inc don’t have a precise genre for now.
I created this group to see what it will bring to roblox, I hope players will like what we will do, and I will make everything I can to create the best, as always. I also hope this group will bring things of all type of genre.

In overall I just wanted to make the born of this group official, as I said, everyone is welcome, so I’m waiting for you !

Thanks for reading.

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