Welcome to Drizzle Hotel & Resort!

Welcome to Drizzle Hotel And Resort!

We’re happy to have you here! Come to our amazing hotel, where you can book a room, go for a swim, go to the waterpark and more - All in one place! Here at Drizzle, we also have the most amazing staff, who will always be happy to chat with you!

If you would like to get a job here: Fill out an application and pass it < Attend a training and pass it < You will receive your rank!

Here is a list of our staff:
khloe7824 - Security
Pariwash_YT - Senior Staff
OMGitsthebros9 - Helper
unicorncute640 - Helper
ExclusiveButtershy - Trainer
Hyenshi - Assistant Supervisor
Axel_0kay - Supervisor
ABCToys2017 - Assistant Manager
lxttie_ox - General Manager
frewah20009 - Staff Coordinator
Graxon_Games - Lead Communications Officer
Infectalite - Developer
Poppet_socks - Assistant Owner
Siimply_Jxck - Co Owner
XxxBrianna_QueenXxx - Co Owner
iiSunflxwerXxMasii - Owner

Please let these people do their job, and if you let them do their job, I’m sure they’d be happy to speak with you

Finnsofficial / Infectalite - Developer
iiSunflxwerXxMasii / Masonnn - Owner