"Welcome to Roblox!" message still includes forum mention

The default “Welcome to Roblox!” message which all users get upon joining Roblox still includes the following reference to the forum, which should likely be removed:

Visit our forums, join or create a group, or invite others to play a game with you by sending them a chat message.


Or change it to “Developer Forum”. Would actually be smart, would make people aware of it in a more effective way.


(Just gonna “bump” this as it’s still relevant and there hasn’t been any response from the staff, apologize if it’s against rules “bumping” threads.)

The staff have taken notice of this privately. It’s being handled internally.


Alright, would be nice if you edited it in the main thread or something next time. :wink:

I added my post as a solution, so it’s right there up top! Sorry, as I completely forgot to note they had privately contacted me regarding the issue.

Curiously, I found a similar reference made in the default support ticket “we’ve received your request” E-Mail a few days later.

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