Welcome to Shifty Cafe!

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  • :icecream:Welcome to Shifty Cafe :icecream:

  • Let’s eat in the best cafe ever!


Respect - Make sure you are respectful to everyone in game, if someone is being rude to you, please report them to a SHR+ Causing Drama will also result in consequences for disturbing the Community’s time at Shifty Cafe.

Sessions - Once you host a session, someone else needs to host next, we cannot have the same person host twice in a row as that would be unfair to other Staff Members. & if the last session was a Shift, the next session would be an Interview, & if the last session was an Interview, the next session would be a Shift.

Impersonation - Impersonating Staff Members is not tolerated, it is counted as a security risk as people can start sending around false rumors, & try to destroy reputations out of enjoyment even when it isn’t true.

Advertising - Here at Shifty Cafe we DO NOT under ANY circumstances allow advertising for you or your group! This includes server links and group links.

Spamming - Spammers will be kicked 3 times before getting banned. It isn’t cool especially to those who are trying to communicate with others via the chat.

(How to get job)

First option

This is probably the easiest route if you want to get a rank as fast as possible. We accept rank donations because they help us advertise the group and it helps the group grow. In return we give you the rank that you have purchased. The higher the rank, the more expensive the rank donation. You can purchase ranks at the Shifty Cafe.

Second option

You can do training if you want do it, but to be MR or HR is more harder.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any member from our staff team for assistance. Thank you for being apart of our roleplay community!

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