Welcome To The Game | Hacker Alert System Included!

Implemented the Hacker Alert (that works) from Welcome To The Game, into my game on ROBLOX.


So this is a feature that sends a private message to the game owner about the suspicious activity?

A few small critics

The flashing lights for the hacker thing doesnt look right, its really uncomfortable

also, turning off the lights should also turn off the PC

Looks great!!!


No, this is based on the real “Welcome to The Game”, a game where you explore the dark web looking for certain things. Occasionally, you sometimes can get “hacked” while exploring this portrayed dark web and you have to block the hack by doing a minigame of some sort.

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That’s pretty cool! I get your game now, search :mag: up Invest For Success on Roblox, it’s a game that also implemented virtual PCs.

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I’m basing it from the real game, wanted to make glitch effects but didn’t want it just to be an image label with a effect image in it. so yea unfortunately i just went for the flicker of the screen

Also like i said i am basing it from the game so I can’t really make the pc turn off when you turn the light off sorry
but thanks for your suggestions :smile:

oh my bad i thought it auto turned off with the lights in the real WTTG

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It’s fine, although! Once the light is turned off, you can’t access or do anything on the computer until the light is turned back on, this makes it so the player can’t camp with it off and beat the game easily :slight_smile: