Weld boots to players when join

So I made these Boots and named one of them LeftBoot And the other RightBoot. But How do I weld them to players when they join? I know nothing about Script welding. How can I do this? The LeftBoot welds to the left Leg and the RightBoot welds to the Right Leg. This is how I want it to look like:


are they models or unions? —filler

Why don’t you just create a custom character with the boots welded


both boots have the same things

Because I want players to use their own characters. Its more in style

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are the unions welded together? -----filler

There anchored rn but I can weld them rn

You should use the on player added event

Yeah I know but I dont know script Welding

yea the


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oh you can move the boots to each foot and create weld constraint and put the properties Part0 and Part1 as a union from the boot and a players limb

But you have to move them to where you want them to be before welding

Is there any video tutorials? ------

Ooh the way I handle welds in my game is that I drag the object I want welded into the object. After that I use rig edit plugin to create the weld. Then finally I drag the welded object out back into workspace then remove the part0 of the weld

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I will try and look, but I have never searched something like that

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Here is something more straitfoward than a video. Here WeldConstraint (roblox.com) there are a few examples of I was talking about


Quick question. How Do I get the player that joined body parts?. And how do I get the players leg position? so It can weld to the leg and at the right height?

I am a bit rusty, I need to check how it works again
Its CharacterAdded()

I found it its


–whatever here and ‘char’ is the character’s character model


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It says unknow global char. Do I have to add local char?