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I am currently using an automatic door that is available in the Toolbox, it is created by Roblox. The automatic door uses weld constraints to open and shut the door, my problem is, for some reason, the weld constraint 70% of the time becomes inactive (I don’t mean not enabled, I mean the “active” property under “behavior” un-checks and grey’s out). This happens whenever I move it, if you move it in the Explorer tab or if you move it physically, the weld constraint un-checks.

Now I’m wondering if this is a bug that needs to be addressed or if I am doing something wrong? Also what are the fixes that I need to do? I am currently just duplicating the door and editing the Properties location so that the weld constraint doesn’t un-check.


Follow up - when I also add a new weld constraint the “active” property is just grey, I can’t make it active.

Well, this is because both of the objects in the door are probably anchored, or welded to another object. Have you tried checking for any similar welded objects or anchored objects in the door model?

Thanks that worked! I have this Plug-In that automatically sets parts to Anchored, making it automatically anchor my models and stuff.

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