Weld Plus | An advanced and quick plugin about welding

Hello, I’ve been finding it hard to weld manually with the instances that Roblox provides you in studio, because welds stick together when their part0 or part1 property change, so I made Weld Plus - Roblox .

What exactly is Weld Plus?
Weld Plus is a Plugin, that was made by TraderBey, and is meant for welding multiple BaseParts, Models, or even both by just a single click simple and effectively.

How to use it?
You simply select whatever you like to weld, and click the Weld Plus button above. This does indeed work with multiple selections [Control + Click / Shift + Click] (Explorer recommended).

This is my first ever Plugin to be made on Roblox, and it’s free so why not trying it out today? :wink:

[This was pretty much made for learning purposes, and Feedbacks are very appreciated as well.]

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