Weld positiong moves when cframing hrp

Quick question, I WeldConstraint a particle effects part to my hrp but when I CFrame the hrp somewhere else it also moves the welded parts position, is there a way around this or am I doing something wrong?

What do you wish to achieve? Because if you have a part welded to the root part, and changed the CFrame of the root part, of course it will go along with the root part, because it is welded.

No the weld moves to a seperate position, I wish to achieve the part staying in front of my hrp after cframing my hrp, the welded part to my hrp moves to a messed up position after I do so.

Maybe the particle part is anchored. If that’s the case, then try unanchoring the particle part.

Also, I thought this topic should belong to building support.

The part is not anchored, I’ve been scripting for 4 years and never really had this issue. Maybe it’s something else I’m doing but no it belongs in scripting and the issue is if you didn’t understand what I meant is that the part I have welded to my hrp gets it’s original welded position messed up each time I CFrame my hrp somewhere else.

This is all I’m doing

local attachmentPart = server.particles.AttachmentPart:Clone()
attachmentPart.Parent = self.char.Torso
attachmentPart.CFrame = self.char.Torso.CFrame
local wld = server.gen.WLD(self.char.HumanoidRootPart, attachmentPart)

Edit: I believe it was another issue, I'm not having the same issue and I don't know what I changed tbh.