Weld Question [C0, C1]

I learned that there is something about Weld called C0 and C1, but I don’t quite understand how it works. Can someone help me with this?
(I found it at developer.roblox.com but I don’t understand)



It works like an offset. Lets say you have a weld connected between two parts. It would be welded to the exact position of the parts.

What C0 and C1 does is they add the CFrame in local space to those parts.


weld.Part0 = somepart1
weld.Part1 = somepart2

Here its just welded to the part

weld.Part0 = somepart1
weld.Part1 = somepart2

weld.C0 = CFrame.new(0,10,0)

The first part is now offset by 10 units up.

There is a diffrence the C0 offsets the whole weld and C1 only part1


So positioning them relative to each other?

Just wanted to say that weldconstraints offer same functionality as welds but with c0, c1 done for you.

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Lets say that part1 is at 0,0,0 Then you sat C1 to 0,10,0.
Part 1 will now be at 0,-10,0.

It subtracts the position of part1.


Thank you so much for helping.

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And last question, is this right?


Sorry i dont know, but i think its CFrame + CFrame == OtherCFrame + CFrame.

Okay, thanks again. Have a good day.