Weld strangely rotating parts

Here’s my starter character I made

Those are all the parts:
Screenshot 2024-01-25 alle 12.57.09

Weld properties:

However, when spawning my character looks like this, any ideas why this happens? Thank you!

Is ur character the square with the hole? if so the HumanoidRootPart needs to be Part0 and the Barrier needs to be Part1 in the weld.

Also, if its still rotating, play around with the C0 rotation and the C1 rotation on the weld.

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Thanks it worked! How did you know that I needed to rename the center part to humanoidRootPart tho?

Hey, so the HumanoidRootPart is detected by roblox magic lol, it recognises its a rig.
( i cant confirm but im pretty sure whats what that means :person_shrugging: )

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