WeldConstraints messing with orientation

So, I made an armored vehicle for the purpose of intercepting free model tornadoes from the toolbox just for fun and above it there’s support beams supporting a dish based on The Doppler On Wheels 8 Dish which is a vehicle irl that is able to scan data from tornadoes especially faster as it is rapid-scanning.

On the first video, you can rotate it back and forth, it is intended.

However, if you drive and stuff or even move it messes up its orientation (potentially position even) and does NOT move back and forth like it is supposed too.

Both the armor of the vehicle, details of the vehicle and the dish + support beams is welded by WeldConstraints.

I have tried finding solutions, but no luck so far.

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The code that orients it seems to be using a variable that’s old, the current orientation of the vehicle needs to be updated every time you want the dish to rotate relative to its current orientation, because rotating the vehicle changes the dish orientation too edit: the original orientation once the game started could be what it’s trying to use every time

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I solved this using HingeConstraints and TorsionSpringConstraints to make the HingeConstraint more stable without using WeldConstraints because the HingeConstraint sort of already acts like a weld.


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