Welded Parts Not Positioning Properly

Hello, I’m FallingPrisms! I’m trying to create a script where a suitcase can be taken and put back, but I’m having some problems with putting it back. How the welding works: There is the handle and the decoration pieces are welded to it.

What’s the issue?
For some reason when the player tries to put the suitcase back the handle moves back properly but the parts welded to it do not, they don’t move with it.

What have I tried so far?
I’ve used Position and CFrame to try to move the suitcase but both have failed. I’ve also tried using: MoveTo and :PivotTo() with the decoration pieces to the position of the suitcase handle.

Also, the model is an accessory with an attachment so it goes onto the player’s character .

Could you provide us with a video of this occurring?

Sorry for the horrible quality, for some reason I used the record video option in roblox settings.
robloxapp-20211115-2304340.wmv (802.3 KB)