Welding a tool to a custom character?

Hey everyone, i want to make a sword tool that players can equip from the hotbar, so i decided to Weld the sword in question to the Custom Character and put it in the Starter Pack.
However, whenever the player activates the tool, it is not welded to the player but instead it appears somewhere else randomly on the map.

The way around this that i’ve found is to Weld the tool to the CC and have the Tool under the CC in Starter Player, which makes it welded to the character once they spawn and they activate the Tool.

However, that is not how i want it. I want the Tool to be in the Starter Pack, and have it welded to the player’s Right hand. Thanks everyone.

This is what i want.

This is what i get.

PS : CC stands for Custom Character to avoid any confusion.

And for those that will ask, i did check around the devforum, but i haven’t found any response that solves my issue, thanks once again.

Hey !

Have you tried to store the tools in a folder in the ServerStorage and then using a script in ServerScriptService, clone the right tool depending of the Custom Character and put it in the Player Backpack when the character is spawning.

Hello there!

That sounds like a wonderful workaround that would probably solve my issue, however unfortunately i don’t have the scripting knowledge that would allow me to do it. I do appreciate your help though, if you could help me any further it would be so much appreciated, if not thanks.